Podcast Live

Podcast Live

Legacy Podcast goes LIVE

We are hosting two live podcast evenings.  

With guests like Fanta Clarke, Shane Logan, Tim Shiels and Rob Fraser-Binns. These promise to be fascinating evenings of conversation on faith and fatherhood hosted by Andy Lamberton.
These are free events for all men. And you’ll get to see a podcast being recorded!

Invite your bros! It’ll be a good night!

More information for each event can be found at the registration links.
Book for yourself or a group.

Ballygrainey Presbyterian, Bangor – Tuesday 14th May, 7:30 – BOOK YOUR SEATS HERE.

Fermanagh Christian Fellowship –  Thursday 23rd May, 7:30 – BOOK YOUR SEATS HERE.



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Raising Sons Today – Legacy Podcast S2E2

Raising Sons Today – Legacy Podcast S2E2

“Fatherhood is a journey punctuated by moments”. Paul Paynter

Join us on the Legacy Podcast as we are joined by four intentional fathers David McGinty, David Penney, Paul Paynter, Paul Decock as we have a round table on Raising Sons Today. Stephen and I found it a rich conversation.

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Raising Sons Today – Round Table

If someone famous tweeted the book of Proverbs verse by verse (a father’s advice to his son), how do you think it would be received in today’s world?
My gut… I think the world is starving for wholesome, tested wisdom. And I wonder if Christianity has more to say on this than we let on.

#toxicmasculinity has 2.3 billion views on TikTok. With a whole variety of activities being deemed “toxic”. Some of these posts are just boyish behaviour (the hashtag being something of a joke). Some are abhorrent. TikTok, however, has added its own caption, “It must end now ☢️💪❌” on any post that includes the hashtag. So is everything manly toxic?

It’s a confusing time for boys to become men.

Fathers, we are one of the only sane voices, who can guide our sons into adulthood.

In the introduction to The Intentional Father by Jon Tyson he says:

Right now, it’s normal to entrust your son’s development to the school system or sports team. It’s normal to entrust your son’s discipleship to a youth pastor. It’s normal to just “wing it”.

But what if there was a new normal?

What if it was normal for fathers to put their foot down and say, “I’m not sitting on the sidelines for another day of my son’s life.”? What if it was normal for fathers to step up and play the primary role in their son’s spiritual formation? What if it was normal to be passionate about getting it right and unwilling to let the world raise our sons?

Challenge – Think of your son/s and skim-read the first seven chapters of Proverbs. Then pray.


Join us for our second round table for Season Two:

  1. Disciple Making Fathers – Round Table
  2. Raising Sons Today – Round Table
  3. Raising Daughters Today – Round Table

This is a wild ride and we talk about:

  • raising sons in the digital world
  • lies and honesty
  • dangers and duties
  • seizing moments
  • vision, intention and means ‘VIM’
  • affection, authority and atmosphere
  • prioritising worship
  • loving your wife
  • the thousand-mile stare
  • what boys need
  • modelling faith
  • challenging boys
  • should I give my son a phone?
  • what’s the difference between raising a son or a daughter
  • words for a father whose son has rebelled


We’re taking suggestions for season 3 – What topics do you think we need to cover to help us fathers disciple our children well? send me an email – andy@legacyfathers.org

Andy Lamberton is the director of Legacy. He goes to the same church his parents, grandparents and great-grandparents went to. Married to Debbie, they are raising their four children in Donegal with ice-pops for dessert most days. Author of Letters for Exiles: Faithful Living in a Faithless World.