“Disciple-makers are first of all disciples. They are ordinary people like my mum and dad. My mum was a disciple of Jesus, carefully disguised as a care home assistant. My dad, a caretaker at a primary school.”

Jim Brown, Chris Agnew and Peter Munce kick off our first round table of season 2. With Andy Lamberton and Stephen Mullan.

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Disciple Making Fathers – Round Table

I wonder sometimes if those who have figured out algorithms will have a bigger influence on our children than those who have figured out life. But not when I see fathers and mothers being intentional.

Men, we need to take, with intentionality, our role to be disciple makers in the home. Our children need us to step up, and anyway, what a joy to introduce those we love to life in all its fullness. 

We’re cheering you on!


This episode finishes by asking: what do you want your children to know by age 18?

  • That God loves them deeply?
  • That home is somewhere they can always return to?
  • That they know others in the body of Christ?

Could you write down (with your wife/family) 5 things you would like your children to know before they turn 18?


We’re taking suggestions for season 3 – What topics do you think we need to cover to help us fathers disciple our children well? send me an email – andy@legacyfathers.org

Andy Lamberton is the director of Legacy. He goes to the same church his parents, grandparents and great-grandparents went to. Married to Debbie, they are raising their four children in Donegal with ice-pops for dessert most days. Author of Letters for Exiles: Faithful Living in a Faithless World.