If you want to encourage fathers in your church – start with Men Behaving Dadly.

Men Behaving Dadly is a four-evening series of conversations for every father and father figure connected to your church.

You’ll be surprised who comes along.

Good things happen at Men Behaving Dadly.

“Men Behaving Dadly has challenged me that by making a few simple changes, I can do better as a father, and reminded me what an awesome responsibility fathers have” – Neil

“Men behaving Dadly helped me accept and embrace the challenges of raising my children in faith.” – Martin

“Men behaving Dadly reminded me of the importance of my role as a grandfather, which was very helpful.” – James

“Andy & co. are doing an amazing job highlighting the importance of ‘leading by example’ as men of faith. It was great getting fathers together to chat openly and share with each other about the challenges of fatherhood at all stages of parenting.” – Keith

“It helped me to consider my role as a father and to open up the lines of communication with other Dads in the congregation around the importance of father figures.” – Sam

“The amount of examples of how we as men can impact not just our families but others as well.” – Stephen

“As a grandfather and a father of 3 grown-up children, it was good to listen to others and compare notes both good and bad.” – Fred

“Men Behaving Dadly has challenged me to think more intentionally about what I’m doing to nurture faith in my kids.” – Jonny

“It was great to meet together with other dads and actually talk about something important and not just usual small talk. The content was great and really made me be intentional in thinking about how I act as a Dad. Definitely recommend Men Behaving Dadly.” – Trevor

“Men Behaving Dadly is a tremendous tool for encouraging men who are fathers and grandfathers to confront the issue of engaging with their children and grandchildren and appreciating their special role. I believe it can be a catalyst for men to embrace the opportunities they have and make a significant and lasting impact.” – James

“Men behaving Dadly helped me to connect with other fathers in my church. It gave me the opportunity to get past the everyday casual conversations and created an opening for more meaningful discussions.” – Andrew

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Men Behaving Dadly works best with 20+ participants on a weekday evening (weekly, fortnightly or monthly). We can fit into an ongoing men’s ministry or spark something new.

During each evening, the Legacy Ministry team will tee up conversations for fathers to have around the table. Conversations include marking milestones, healthy habits, building faith that lasts, family gatherings, and opening the Bible at home.

“When people ask me what the purpose of Men Behaving Dadly is, I say the answer is simple. It’s to grow as fathers and help our families follow Jesus.”

Andy Lamberton